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Creating LIGHT from DARK

06 Jul 2017 1:06 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

Hope you all had a SPECTACULAR 4th of July!  It’s a special privilege to celebrate America and the freedom we enjoy in this great country –  and of course the fireworks are fun too!  There’s something magical about the colorful explosions of light that shine against the dark sky.  Each one is different as it bursts into the air!

This month at the various nonprofits we teach at, we have been sharing some COLORFUL NEON projects using Moonlight Pens from Sakura:

Using colors on black paper, we draw circular patterns (or “Fireworks!”).

We create our patterns by connecting pre-drawn dots that radiate from the center at various degrees.  The dots can be connected in all sorts of ways to make endless combinations of patterns.   Zentangle patterns can also be drawn on dark paper!

Scratch Art:

Another fun "Light from Dark" project is using pre-coated scratch art paper.  We discovered these fun printed designs and our clients LOVE them.  

Tip:  To share them with a group, simply bring some wooden skewers and let them each pick the design they like.  

Here are some reflection questions to meditate on as you draw  “Light from Dark” art:

1)  What challenge would you like to overcome in your life right now?

2)  What tool/resource/process can help you shine light on your challenge?

3)  How can YOU be the LIGHT in the darkness in this situation?

4)  Is there a verse or quote that will keep you motivated going forward?


Moonlight Pens now come in a Finepoint (06) that make drawing patterns fun and easy!  We also have gems, glitter & metallic pens (and more) to add additional accents to your artwork.  You can try them out at one of our Open Studios and create all sorts of original designs, cards and drawings, plus try one of our “Light from Dark projects.

You can purchase Moonlight Pens at our studio or here on Amazon: *

*Note:  There are a variety of Sakura gel pens and Moonlight sizes so don't order the wrong one!  The link above will lead you to the Fine point pens that we use for drawing.  And we so appreciate you using the link to support the services that we share!


Upcoming NEON Open Studios for an extra hour of step-by-step instruction & quiet reflection time (plus 2 hours of  open studio time to follow):

July 15th, 10 – 1pm

Or come only for the Open Studio time to create whatever project you like:

July 15th, 11 – 1pm

July 29th, 11 – 1pm


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    Looks like fun!
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