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Introducing The ARTstarters BOOK!

Feel like something is missing from your life?  Ready to find it this year?

ARTstarters is a unique approach to inspiration using art techniques, journaling, reflection  -- all combined with the power of your faith.  

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A Spiritual Process for Using Creativity & Art Making to Ignite Your Life!

* Over 100 individual and group exercises that spark inspiration *


Get ready to use your God-given creativity to get inspired!

When we slow down to create art and then reflect on it, we notice things about our life that we might not otherwise.  The same qualities that strike an artist with inspiration can bring us ideas about our relationships, careers, life balance, spirituality and purpose.  This book will help you think like an artist through over 100 art-making and journaling exercises that will explore the mindsets of possibility, listening, beauty, vulnerability and passion.

ARTstarters is a life-changing journey for all artistic levels, especially if you are:

  • ·      Convinced you can’t paint or even draw a straight line
  • ·      Feeling lost in the mundane shuffle of the everyday
  • ·      Buried alive with stress and responsibility
  • ·      Ready to discover new possibilities in your life
  • ·      Feeling disconnected to your Creator or even unsure if He’s really out there
  • ·      Excited to create art that is more connected to your soul
Many art workshops and personal development programs encourage you to tap into your own power within, but they may have left you feeling like you're just not enough. The great news is that you don't need to be ENOUGH on your own. God is the Master Creator, and He is yearning to connect to us through His gift of creativity! The fun of making art will engage your whole spirit in the process.

In accessing our inspiration, we are doing more than becoming better artists; we are becoming more of who we were created to be!

Book groups will meet once or twice monthly at The ARTbar studio, working our way through a chapter each month.  Groups are limited to just 10-12 people so reserve your spot by emailing Nicole Steiman, The Creativity Coach, at Nicole@theARTbar.net

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