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Welcome to ARTstarters @ The ARTbar!

We're bringing Creativity to Life through our collection of expressive and therapeutic art projects, designed to bring inspiration, relaxation and healing.

We currently visit nonprofit centers weekly to assist their clients in using art to boost self-esteem, overcome addictions and mental illness, as well as simply to relax and enjoy the creative process!

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ARTstarters are a little different than your average art projects and our studio is NOT your average fine art studio.  It's filled with walls of charms, drawers of paper sorted by colors, paints in every hue, gels and glitters, beads and collage materials and so much more!!

We want EVERYONE to enjoy the joy of creating art and the boost it brings to your self-esteem!  

Using our unique techniques, we help you:

* focus on the PROCESS of art
* let go of perfection, 
* and instead create MEANINGINGFUL art through self-expression. 

This helps your artwork become more:

* because it leads you to reflect on your own questions 
* AND it helps you FIND YOUR OWN STYLE as an artist!

Are you an ARTstarter Express Member?  Click here to access our Resource Database of EXPRESSive art -- for yourself or to help share art with groups.  Or click to find out more.


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This quick-start version of the ARTstarters book has 5 creative rituals that are easy to get started with - perfect for the busy person. By following just one chapter at a time, you'll find the creativity that was in you all along! 



Please note that we are a private studio not a retail store.
During the week we are out sharing therapeutic art techniques with various non-profits or hosting team buildings and birthday parties . . . so you probably won't catch us here if you drop by.  See below for when to visit:

Please note:  we are only open to the public for workshops, events and during Open Studio Sessions on our Calendar.  Make sure to register so we know you are coming to create with us!

For walk-ins - please visit us during the Santa Ana ARTwalk held on the 1st Saturday of every month, 7 - 10pm or watch our calendar for Drop-in Project Sessions.

We look forward to creating with you!

We hope you can join us at one of upcoming events:

Artwork:  "Sharing Myself"
by Nicole Steiman, 
The Creativity Coach

(Pictured left is a sample from our 
Mixed-Media Graffiti workshop, 
combining acrylic, collage, stencils, 
lettering and textured gels.)

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