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Wondering and Wandering with Finger Labyrinths

18 Nov 2021 12:57 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

I’ve been doing so much wondering (and wandering) that it’s time to come back to doing something that I truly love and miss:  sharing some art inspiration with all of you!

With all the changes that have been happening in my life, it’s been very meditative lately to create and color labyrinths.  I shared this awhile back, and I am just loving it all over again.  Every time I draw one, I discover a whole new metaphor for something going on in my life.

This time, I re-created it on the ground with rocks, which was very peaceful to walk through.  It was also a great workout doing a million squats while I placed the rocks.  It seems quite amazing when it’s done!  But it really was very easy because I had a template to follow (and a husband who helped!)  I know, this is how labyrinths are USUALLY walked, on the ground.

But in art . . . labyrinths can also be created on paper, using colored pencils, patterns, watercolors, words and more!  They can then be “walked” using your index finger as you slide around the drawn pathway.  I created some printable templates that you can download and color - great for all ages!  

Creating a finger labyrinth is a great way to relax, focus on gratitude or even keep the kids busy over holiday break!

It’s also a great way to pray when you feel lost, or don’t know which way to go.  The answer is: to the next step you feel God leading you.  It’s a meditative process that helps you slow down to listen.  Is your heart trying to tell you something?  Many times, the next step is clear, but we become frustrated because we can’t see the step AFTER THAT ONE.  The labyrinth is such a great metaphor for taking one step at a time!  What makes a labyrinth different than a maze is that there are no wrong steps.  As long as you just trust the process and keep walking forward, you will reach your destination.  

Walking a labyrinth, with our feet or with our fingers, can be a wonderful exercise in trust, patience, breathing, and yes, thankfulness!

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, Advent and Gratitude!  And for any other prayers that are on your hearts this holiday season,  I invite you to draw and color your own Finger Labyrinth. 

Register here for FREE to receive templates to color, as well as a video tutorial to learn how to draw a labyrinth using easy tips and tricks!

Ideas for Using Your Labyrinth:

1). Draw a repetitive pattern along the path.  And then add shading or coloring.  Add a little bit of pattern each day as you spend time giving thanks.

2). Fill your labyrinth with words for all the things you are thankful for!  As you add color to the words, you can spend time reflecting on your gratitude for each item.

3). Take relaxing, deep breaths as you trace your finger through the labyrinth.  You can focus on a phrase, verse or prayer of gratitude.  If you like, you can also write your prayer or verse inside the labyrinth or around.

4). Add a little square of color each day along the labyrinth path to represent something you are grateful for.  On Thanksgiving, move your finger from color to color as you listen to a beautiful song!

5).  Set some templates out at your next group event or family party, and share your designs with each other!

There are so many ideas and ways to use finger labyrinths!  There is no wrong way!  You can use my templates, or even draw your own using my easy online tutorial. They look complicated but the step-by-step video makes it very easy to follow, and also includes a handout with more fun ideas.  Even in a large group, no two labyrinths turn out the same :)

I hope you join us in drawing labyrinths and share your design.

So excited to see your designs!

Happy Creating!!


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