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The ARTbar studio location is officially closed

03 Jun 2022 4:05 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

The ARTbar studio location is officially closed.  

Yes it’s true.  We have had to say goodbye to the beautiful Santora Building where we have created for almost 20 years!  I’ve needed to write and tell you this for a long time.  But I’ve been silent for so long I didn’t quite know what to say or how to say it. 

Mostly because I had hoped that when I shared the news, I would also be able to share what was coming next.  The ARTbar started as a drop-in studio, and then also as a retail store, and over time became a space for private parties.  It also served as a way to organize projects and supplies for when I brought them to teach at different nonprofit organizations.  All with the mission to help people find their creative voice.  But after Covid, it became too much to keep.

So I waited.  And prayed.  And reflected.  Wondering what God has next for me.  And in the meantime, it took divine strength to move out of The Artbar space so at least that kept me busy!  (YES - pictures coming soon!  Artists do NOT like to throw anything out, and I’m sure the show Hoarders would have loved to use me as an episode!)

Well even after all that and settling slowly into my new space in my garage, I still don’t have all the answers. But I’m continuing to share the art techniques I’ve been gathering over the years that help us connect to our hearts, our creativity, and our Creator.  And although the ARTbar space is no longer at the Santora Building in Santa Ana, I am still alive and well under the name of ARTstarters, ready to share creativity at organizations/groups and for individual coaching. Art is so beneficial to mental health!

So feel free to pop in at www.Facebook.com/ARTstarters or subscribe at www.ARTstarters.net so we can keep in touch or hopefully even create in person together at one of the upcoming Draw Together events that I’ll be announcing soon!

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