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From Mess to Masterpiece!

10 Jun 2022 5:14 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

Now that I’ve had a chance to heal a bit from the moving out process, I thought perhaps I would end my long silence by sharing something that is helping me during this time of change and confusion.  Perhaps you or someone you know is also dealing with the unknown, or even feelings of hurt, loneliness, or depression.  Why not get together at a beautiful park, yard or beach and try this relaxing exercise together.  To me it’s like taking a big breath of fresh air, and a chance to press reset on a hard day (or month, or year).  It’s so easy and intuitive, and perfect for ANY AGE or artistic ability.  Simply grab your nearest art supplies, even just a pen and colored pencils!

It’s a favorite process I've used with artists who were homeless, recovering, or dealing with transition.  But don’t we all feel a little messy inside sometimes?  I like to call it “From Mess to Masterpiece!”  because so often in art the process gets aaaaall sooooo messy before it eventually comes together into something beautiful and meaningful.  

This drawing meditation can take as little as 15 minutes, or hours, or even something you add to a little at a time.  However long you have for your meditation or prayer!

Embracing the mess has been one of the biggest themes for me in my artistic growth, and it is true in life as well!

Time (and art) really does help to find a fresh perspective!

Scribble Prayer/Meditation: from Mess to Masterpiece!

  1. Scribble
  2. Fill it in:  with color or words or patterns!

Now isn't that simple??

However if you want more detailed instructions:

1.  Think of a prayer or intention

What is causing you worry or confusion?  What do you need help with?  If you could pour your heart out to God, what would it sound or look like?  If words come to mind, you may even want to write out a prayer before you begin to draw.

2.  Draw a loose and flowing scribble

Using a pencil, let your hand move across the page in a random and unplanned way.  Notice the movement of the lines you drew, how it creates a continuous path through the space  of the paper. Feel free to experiment with different scribbles as you loosen up your wrist to get started.  Or just let it go!  Sometimes I skip the pencil and just start with the pen used in step 2.

3.  Smooth and refine your scribble.

Using a smear proof pen (like a fine point Sharpie pen or Micron), trace over the lines, taking time to thicken them in places, smoothing and refining them as you like.  This step takes patience so take your time and enjoy the motion of the curves.  Don’t give up on your messy scribble it is still in the process of becoming something wonderful!

(The example below shows 2 different scribbles:  one in pencil, and the other with the lines thickened and refined, and then words written inside.  Sometimes I draw a few scribbles to get the emotion out, and choose the one I want to add more to.  Many times I like trying to scribble a heart somewhere in the mess!  Can you see it in the first scribble?)

3.  Fill it in!

Add patterns, words and/or color in the spaces of the scribble (or even around it). Think of words or colors that are meaningful to you or are part of your prayer.  Use markers, colored pencils, watercolor, glitter - or whatever you like!  Sometimes I choose a color and space for each person I’m praying about (and pray the words silently), and sometimes I write my prayer inside or around the scribble.  

There are endless options to see where the prayer leads you.  But after spending some time in silence, I always leave feeling calmer than when I first scribbled!  

I even jokingly call this exercise the “Silent Scream!”  It works with kids (and also adults) who have so much pent up emotion they don’t know where to channel it. One black marker and a box of crayons can be the cheapest therapy session you ever had!

It’s definitely a great step forward when you don’t know which way to go.


By now you know I’m a fan of embracing the journey.  With art it’s not just about a beautiful outcome, it’s what we learn in the process.  Wandering is definitely encouraged in the world of ARTstarters!

Want to draw a Scribble Prayer with me?  See the event list here to sign up.  We'll grab a coffee or juice and scribble away!  A caring listener and a drawing partner might be just what you need to get a new perspective.


To contact Nicole for group events or private sessions, please visit here for more information.  Or email Nicole@ARTstarters.net.

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