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Decoupaging Real Pumpkins!

25 Oct 2019 1:40 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

AMAZING!  But TRUE!  These are real decoupaged pumpkins.  Decoupage is the art of decorating objects by gluing paper to them.  It's a favorite art. project at all the centers we teach at, because it's easy to do and can last all the way through to Thanksgiving!

And here's a link to a fun video filmed at The ARTbar years ago:


I know, I know, they sell fake pumpkins now.  And they last forever.  But using REAL pumpkins is so traditional, and it really can freak someone out!  "Wait - that's a REAL pumpkin???"

We have also heard from people who pull their REAL, DECOUPAGED pumpkins out a year later and they look just fine.  (Although we are sure it's not looking so pretty on the inside, and we don't recommend saving it past the season.). However when sealed, it lasts far past Thanksgiving.  The key is to use pumpkins that don't have much pulp.  We love the tiny white ones and the small tiger striped ones.

For papers, the thinner the better. We  recommend paper made specifically for decoupage because not only is it thin, but it has a coating on it that prevents tearing once it gets wet with all the glue.  They now make them in so many beautiful patterns!  You can also paint or draw on your own paper (use Sandwich Wrap from Smart 'N Final.). For glue, use any clear drying glue that you already have.  But if you are buying some, we love the glossy Decou-Page because it glues, seals and leaves a glossy finish (and its not smelly like Mod Podge, although that does work if you have it.).

And of course, you can always combine paint, glitter (glass glitter too!) and metallics for amazing effects!  
And for those who want to draw directly on the pumpkin using the Zentangle method, we recommend the black IdentiPen (by Sakura).  It's amazing!  And you can use it to draw on mugs, platters and other non-porous surfaces too.  (Just wipe off the pen tip on scratch paper every now and then if drawing on a waxy pumpkin.)


Listed below you'll see our favorite pumpkin/decoupage products.  If you buy on Amazon using these links, you are also supporting our work with nonprofits, as we share therapeutic art with those in need.  We get a tiny percentage of your sales without anything being added to your fee.  Thank you so much for your support!



Diamond Glaze Gloss Glue/Sealer:


Decopatch Papers: hot pink/black/white collection:


Decopatch Papers: blue/black/white collection:


Tim Holtz Vintage Paper (3 rolls):


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