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Neon Art Bingo for Fall!

28 Oct 2019 5:45 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

If you’re looking for a fun, yet artsy way, to celebrate Halloween or Fall, here’s a quick way!  Give your artists a list of 12 items and have them draw 9 of them on a tic-tac-toe grid.   You can also use rubber stamps (set out 12 designs and let them stamp just 9 of them and color them in). Just make sure they all don’t pick the same items and put them in the same exact squares!

We added a fun twist by having them draw with the Sakura Moonlight Gel Pens on black paper!  We think they turned out pretty amazing!  

And we all had a blast playing:

Bingo (3 in a row, horizontal, vertical or diagonally)

X (both diagonals)


Plus Sign (not the corners)

Postage stamp (4 together in any corner)

and Cover All ( be prepared for multiple winners on this one!  But it’s fun for everyone to win in the end!!)

Click here to download Fall Bingo List.pdf, my list of items to draw with instruction (prints 2 per page).  Just make sure to print an extra set to cut up for the bingo caller.  Oh - and definitely don’t forget to have prizes!!  Candy works great :) ( And it's also great to use as bingo markers.  Starbursts are actually perfect.  Give everyone nine pieces and they can eat them in the end whether they won or not!)

This artsy homemade bingo game is also a great way to keep the kids busy! LOL!

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