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You spend your whole day taking care of everyone around you . . . 

What do you do for yourself 

to take a deep breath and remember that you are amazing 

and that you are loved?

HEARTPRAYERS is your invitation to simply BE with God in a creative way - by drawing your prayer! 

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See the sample video below: 

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The easy, repetitive pattern will calm your mind and help you take a deep breath because of the rhythm of drawing.

(So easy! Promise! No artistic ability needed!)

If you have ever . . .

* Been overwhelmed with the speed or circumstances of life,

* Yearned for a quiet moment to calm your thoughts,

*Wanted to pray but the words won't come,

* Felt an ache in your heart for God's presence,

. . .  you are not alone.

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 We'll make it easy and relaxing to use your creativity to draw closer to God.

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Here are some suggestions for drawing your prayers:

  • Set aside a half hour or more of uninterrupted time, with just a black drawing pen and some paper or journal
  • Create a quiet and sacred space of solitude, perhaps even light a candle or put your own worship music on
  • Put this time on your schedule so you can look forward to it all day -- like a date with God!
  • Repeat the process whenever you need to refresh or press pause in the midst of a chaotic week.
  • Add words around your drawing as you pray, if you like.  Perhaps a verse, quote, prayer or simply words of love.
  • Open your heart as you draw.  If you feel your mind wander, simply return your focus to God or whisper His name out loud,
  • Heartprayers can be changed each time you draw them to make them your own unique conversation with God.
  • You can also share this gift by gathering your children or friends to draw and pray together.

So grab a piece of paper and a pen, snuggle up in a comfy chair with your phone, tablet or computer.  

This upcoming moment could be the most relaxed, spirit-filled part of your week!

Need suggestions on supplies?  Click here.

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