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Drawing-a-Day: CHRISTMAS ADVENTure

  • 01 Dec 2018
  • 25 Dec 2018


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Drawing-a-Day:  HEartPRAYER ADVENTure

Offered FREE with your $25 donation to Red Cross to raise money for the California Fire Victims!  Donate here.


When our pen makes a path on our paper, it can help us feel like we are going somewhere, perhaps even moving forward in life.  We are afraid to stand still in the moment, yet we are unsure of the future, so it may feel like we are spinning in place.

This Christmas Season, together let's use a simple black pen to draw a path to God.  A place where our mind can relax and find relief, and our hearts can open and feel God's immense love for us!  A path that leads to a clearing in the midst of a busy forest where we can celebrate the beauty of Christmas.  

Embark on this ADVENTure on your own or together as a family or group of friends!

You'll start by drawing 25 small squares in your journal, as well as a large heart shape (or other shape of your choice) that you will ultimately fill with a variety of patterns that you learn on this journey with God (which also makes a great collaborative project with your group.)

You'll receive email prompts from me everyday for 25 days as you travel, like signposts to guide you along the way:

  • A simple daily pattern to draw in a small square in your journal
  • A Bible verse to reflect on as you are drawing (or may use this journey with an advent plan or book you are already reading)
  • An invitation to join an optional PRIVATE Facebook Group to share our drawings, prayers and questions, and ultimately, our hearts!

How Much Time Will This Take?

It certainly is a busy time right now, isn't it?!  That's all the more reason WHY we need these brief, catch-our-breath moments with God:

*** Each daily drawing/reflection will only take about 15 minutes! ***

And adding to your collaborative heart can take an extra 15 minutes each day or about an hour once a week or as a fun project after Christmas to celebrate your finished journey.  

Where is This Journey Leading?

At the end of your journey, not only will you have a journal full of prayer patterns, but a larger heart that can be framed, printed as notecards or just kept privately in your journal.  

However the art is a bonus, the souvenirs you collect along the way!  The real journey is full of ADVENTure as we prepare our hearts for Christmas and where Jesus is leading us next in 2019!

What if just a mere 15 minutes of quieting your heart each day can help you stay calm and present this holiday season?   

Start a new tradition of drawing with your family as a way to cherish this special time of Christmas!

How Do I Join?

The HEartPRAYER ADVENTure is FREE with your $25 donation to the Red Cross to help the victims of the Camp Fire in California.  You can donate here. 

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