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  • HEartPRAYER of Blessings: a 7-Day Online Irish Retreat

HEartPRAYER of Blessings: a 7-Day Online Irish Retreat

  • 17 Mar 2020
  • 30 Apr 2020


  • Helps us share art supplies with those in need at shelters and recovery homes.

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HEartPRAYER of Blessings (online Irish Retreat),  $17

Irish Blessings were created for all sorts of occasions - to celebrate a transition through life or to pave the way through uncertain times.  These special words provided something positive to focus on to calm the anxiety of life.  Delve into the world of braided borders and patterns and discover a way to embellish your prayers and quotes with a bit o' the Irish!

(Quote from Saint Patrick: abridged)

Join me on a 7-Day, or 7-Step, Journey (you can definitely go at your own pace!)

Learn how to create a special blessing inside a beautifully braided border that you can display or give to someone special.  Along the way, you’ll also learn some Irish history and some simple tips for creating Illuminated artwork in the “style” of the ancient monks.  But don’t worry!  We’ll keep it simple, no fancy calligraphy or artistic drawing skills required (but bring them if you already have them!).  This is a journey that all ages and all levels of creativity can enjoy, simply by going step-by-step. 

You’ll receive 7 daily messages, and MORE than 7 videos,  to guide you through creating your own Irish Blessing HEartPRAYERs:

  1. Preparing our Hearts
  2. Preparing our Minds
  3. Preparing our Paper
  4. Creating Patterns & Borders
  5. Easy Lettering Styles (no calligraphy skills needed!)
  6. Inking & Drawing - and other Celtic symbols
  7. Coloring & Embellish

PLUS  Bonus patterns shown below and more!!

(Quote above from St. Patrick)

(Bible passage: Numbers 6:24-26)

(Above: variation on a tangle from the Zentangle process called Waybop)

(Above:  variation on the tangle pattern Mooka from the Zentangle process.)

("Rolling Quote"  - from J.R.R. Tolkien)

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